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PACT’s 25th Anniversary

Relive the excitement of our 25th anniversary event as we celebrate decades of partnership, innovation, and success!

Empowering a brighter tomorrow through collaboration

Founded in 1998 with a vision to be one of the top-rated business management software providers globally for product quality, innovation, outstanding customer support, and user-friendliness.
Since then, we have grown from a small startup to a thriving company with a global presence, a workforce of over 200 employees, and successfully serving over 12,000 clients worldwide.
Over the years, we have faced many challenges and obstacles, but through hard work, dedication, and innovation, we have overcome them and achieved remarkable success. Our services have earned the trust and loyalty of our customers, and we have built strong partnerships with customers, and other stakeholders.

25 Years Of Innovation And Customer Success

Our journey so far
Our 25th anniversary celebration brought together guests, partners, management, and our team for an unforgettable experience.
Relive the excitement of our anniversary event with this video showcasing the highlights of the evening, including speeches, entertainment, and more
We’re proud to have partnered with some of the most reputable and successful companies in the industry. Learn more about our partners and their contributions to our success
Innovation, Collaboration & Success
We’re proud of everything we’ve accomplished so far, but we know there’s still so much more to do.
That’s why we remain committed to pushing the boundaries and reaching new heights, always with our customers and community in mind.
As the driving force behind our business for 25 years, our founder’s exceptional leadership and dedication have set the standard for our team.
A visionary leader who inspired us all
Manisha Saboo, a visionary leader, was our chief guest at our 25th business anniversary celebration. She has an inspiring journey, from starting her IT career after completing her MBA to becoming a Delivery Head managing a business with ~$300M revenue.
As campus head for Infosys Hyderabad SEZ, she played a significant role in its growth from 23 to 35,000+ employees. We are grateful for her presence at our event and for her contributions to society as a passionate advocate for women’s empowerment.
A captivating storyteller who enchanted our audience
Renu Chamarthy is a gifted storyteller who we were absolutely thrilled to have at our event. Her passion for storytelling was contagious, and her ability to capture the audience’s attention and take them on a journey through her words was truly magical.
Renu’s storytelling skills left a lasting impression on everyone who attended, and we are grateful for the unique and unforgettable experience she brought to our celebration.
We hope to have the opportunity to work with her again in the future
A marvelous blend of comedy
Raja Sekhar Mamidanna, the magician of laughter, mesmerized the audience with his comic performance at our 25th-anniversary event.
His hilarious jokes and witty punchlines had everyone in stitches, and his charming personality made him a favorite among the guests.
It was truly an honor to have him grace our event.
Our customers are the backbone of our business
We are grateful for the trust and confidence our customers have placed in us over the past 25 years. It is their loyalty and support that have allowed us to grow and thrive as a company. We are committed to continuing to provide exceptional service and solutions to our customers, and we look forward to many more years of successful partnerships.
As we move forward, we remain dedicated to upholding our core values of integrity, innovation, and customer satisfaction. We believe that by staying true to these values, we can continue to build strong and lasting relationships with our customers and contribute to their ongoing success.
Our dedicated team members
The dedicated and skilled team works tirelessly to ensure our customers receive the best possible service and solutions. Our team understands the importance of building strong relationships with our customers, and they go above and beyond to exceed their expectations.
We invest in the ongoing development of our team to ensure that they have the knowledge and expertise to provide innovative solutions and stay ahead of the curve in our ever-evolving industry. We take pride in the professionalism and dedication of our team and are confident that they will continue to provide exceptional service to our customers.