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Gitex 2023

Gitex 2023

At the conclusion of Gitex 2023, it stood beyond being a tech event; it embodied innovation, connections, and celebration for us.

We showcased our leading ERP solutions, fostering crucial ties with industry leaders, clients, and partners. The final-day luncheon epitomized gratitude and camaraderie.

25th Anniversary

PACT’s 25th Anniversary

Established in 1998 with the goal of becoming a leading global provider of business ERP software, prioritizing excellence in product quality, innovation, exceptional customer service, and ease of use.

Since our inception, we've evolved from a fledgling startup to a successful corporation with a worldwide footprint, boasting a team of more than 200 members and effectively catering to over 12,000 clients across the globe.

Customer Transformation Summit

PACT Software Service Pvt Ltd organized a "CX Summit" on March 12, 2022, in India, aiming to surpass customer expectations and introduce products for better customer success.

The summit highlighted PACT's product innovations, illustrating how they empower businesses for enhanced visibility, profitability, and success.