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India is expected to become the 3rd largest construction market in the world by 2025. As a part of this growing industry have you acquired the right management skills to beat the competition? Integrate departments and achieve defined goals with the best ERP for the construction and contracting industry. Get PACT RevenU ERP!

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Construction & Contracting ERP

Meet project schedules within the budget and increase profits

The profits from construction and contracting projects majorly depend upon how far you achieve your project schedule. Even if you are delayed by a day, you may incur losses due to rising material costs and labor shortages resulting in budget and time overrun. Developing accurate estimates, defining clear milestones, procuring materials on time, effectively managing labour, expense tracking, and close monitoring of the tasks completed can help you deliver projects on time and within the budget. To achieve all these skills at once you need a powerful management tool – ERP for the construction and contracting industry.

Effective Communication
Effective communication
The best ERP software for the construction and contracting industry integrates departments and lets the information flow across the stakeholders to keep everyone updated. Whether it is the project progress, the inventory available, or the budget consumed, to get the latest information all you need is to log in to your ERP and look at its dashboard. At times of unforeseen situations, take informed decisions based on real information and control risk.
Multiple Project Management
Multiple project management
Centralize project control and simultaneously manage multiple projects with little effort. Utilize the capabilities of our cloud and mobile solutions to gather information from different locations and securely store them in a central, shared database. This way, you gain complete visibility of the project progress at each location. Generate project-wise reports to analyze the effectiveness and profitability of each project.
Automate Workflows
Automate workflows
Save your precious time and reduce costs by automating critical workflows. Integrate your supply chain and automate reorder management. Digitize daily attendance and automate payroll and free yourself from complex and time taking calculations. Increase the accuracy of project schedules and develop realistic budgets by automating BOQ and project estimation.
Effective communication
Multiple project management
Automate workflows
Construction & Contracting ERP

Feature Rich Modules

PACT RevenU offers industry specific solutions that help you meet the challenges unique to your industry. PACT RevenU ERP for construction and contracting industry integrates departments, helps you to communicate better and enhance collaboration among different teams. Further, this super easy and user-friendly ERP lets you customize features and develop a solution that precisely meets your distinctive needs. Explore our modules.

Project Cost Management / BOQ
Project Estimation / Bidding
Project Execution Cycle
Procurement & Project Billing
Materials Management
HR, Payroll, ESS, Timesheet, OT
Project Profitability Analysis
Integrated with Accounts

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