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Overcome the new age trading and distribution challenges by adopting a powerful and modern trading and distribution ERP software. Tackle the ever-increasing competition, take control of your supply chain, and meet more demanding customer expectations. Get PACT RevenU ERP for the trading and distribution industry.

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Trading & Distribution ERP

Digitize processes to confidently evolve through the phase of change

The Trading and Distribution industry is undergoing massive transformations globally. On top of tight competition, low-profit margins, complex product portfolios, and increasing customer expectations the recent supply chain disruptions have put traders and distributors in a challenging position. How can you overcome these demanding situations and grow? A simple ERP for the trading and distribution industry can do wonders. How? By automating your business processes to integrate data, communicate and collaborate better and handle digital sales. PACT RevenU – India’s best ERP for the trading and distribution industry is helping several big and small traders and distributors to achieve more and adapt to changes.

Integrated Supply Chain
Integrated supply chain
Transform your supply chain management system into a highly integrated and automated mechanism to improve collaboration and the speed of order fulfillment. Set up customized workflows for procurement, order management, and warehouse operations. Centrally manage inventory across multiple locations and fulfill multi-channel orders. Get real-time updates on your dashboard and gain complete visibility and control across the supply chain.
Beat Competition
Beat Competition
Overcome the stiff competition in the trading and distribution industry by streamlining your operations. Maintain customer satisfaction by quickly responding to queries. Step into digital sales using PACT RevenU Online Store. Forecast demands and integrate your supply chain operations for speedy order fulfillment. Offer your customers competitive prices by improving productivity and reducing the cost of operations through the application of trading and distribution ERP.
Vendor and Customer Management
Vendor and customer management
Manage both your customers and vendors effectively to increase profitability. Set up an automatic and robust credit and debit control system to manage your receivables and payables with little effort. Track vendor transactions to evaluate vendor performance and negotiate better contracts. Utilize the capabilities of CRM to deliver your customers personalized and quick service.
Integrated supply chain
Beat Competition
Vendor and customer management
Trading & Distribution ERP

Feature Rich Modules

Take your trading and distribution business to the next level of growth by investing in process automation and streamlining. Integrate diverse departments, centrally manage your supply chain and give maximum value to your customers. PACT RevenU ERP for trading and distribution business is tailor-made to meet the industry-specific challenges. Further customize the software to address the needs unique to your business.

Order Management
Procurement & Purchase
Sales & Distribution
Inventory & Warehouse
Van Sales
Online Store
Financial Accounting

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