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Improve your product quality while keeping costs under control. PACT RevenU ERP for the manufacturing industry helps to increase profit margins by effectively managing resources. Use a powerful ERP to automate workflows and integrate departments achieving information traceability and enhancing internal communication. Get PACT RevenU!

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Manufacturing ERP System

Automate your daily operations, simplify the production process and reduce operational expenses

Manufacturing is often understood as a complex business that requires managing large volumes of inventory, meticulous planning, maintaining high-value machinery, and producing quality products at competitive prices. It is indeed a challenge to meet all these expectations and remain profitable with traditional management techniques. Modern business management tools like ERP that automate daily operations can offer you a solution.

Manufacturing Planning
Manufacturing planning
Gain the ability to accurately forecast demands and the flexibility to respond to sudden changes in demands. Automate the preparation of bill of materials and increase the speed and accuracy of BOM. Ensure the availability of resources for uninterrupted production flows - machinery through proper maintenance, inventory with real-time stock updates, and labour through advanced HR tools. Share information across departments and keep the stakeholders updated.
Take Control of the Supply Chain
Take control of the supply chain
Gain complete control of your supply chain and reduce the cost of operations and improve customer service. Automate the procure-to-pay process and effectively manage your vendors. Get real-time inventory updates, automate reorder management and optimize the stock levels. Centrally manage your warehouses and automate warehouse processes for quick and accurate order fulfillment.
Enhance Competitiveness
Enhance competitiveness
Offer goods at competitive prices without compromising on quality. Manage your suppliers effectively to ensure the quality of raw materials sourced and negotiate better contracts. Optimize inventory levels and ensure the availability of machinery to reduce wastage, overhead expenses, and downtimes. Automate end-to-end production processes to increase productivity and reduce manual errors. Reach your customers on time by taking control of your sales and distribution channels.
Manufacturing planning
Take control of the supply chain
Enhance competitiveness
Manufacturing ERP System

Feature Rich Modules

Are you still struggling to integrate the diverse functions of the manufacturing process? PACT RevenU ERP is a one-stop manufacturing management solution. Here, we integrate data from diverse departments and let the information flow freely and instantly among the stakeholders. Signup for a highly user-friendly, feature-rich, and customizable ERP today! Explore our modules.

Bill of Materials
Material Resource Planning
Production Planning
Order Management
Procurement & Purchase
Sales & Distribution
Inventory & Warehouse
Quality Control
Integrated with Accounts

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