Best Asset Management Software in India

Through tracking and timely maintenance of your assets are the only way to maximize the ROI of your asset portfolio. Simplify and automate asset management tasks with PACT RevenU, the best asset management software in India.

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Asset Management Software

Manage Your Assets Throughout Their Lifecycle

From asset planning to procurement of assets, their usage and maintenance, and finally disposal - each stage in the asset lifecycle requires continuous efforts and critical decision-making abilities that will have an impact on your profits. To successfully manage your assets through these stages, you need an integrated system that not only automates asset management tasks but also gives you insights into asset performance. Track and record each big and small asset in your organization, eliminate ghost assets, execute timely maintenance and calculate depreciation using the best asset management software in India.

Centralized Control Centralized Control
Manage the hundreds of big and small assets you own in multiple locations from a central database. Track all asset movements in real-time, electronically store all asset records, control maintenance, and plan asset acquisition from a single place. Eliminate the use of spreadsheets and reduce the risk of data redundancy chaos using the asset master in the asset management software.
Maximum Utilization Maximum Utilization
Prevent any unexpected asset breakdown by scheduling and executing regular maintenance of assets without fail. Preventive maintenance saves you from expensive repairs, helps you remain compliant, and extends the lifespan of the assets too. Enhance asset visibility to ensure asset availability for uninterrupted operations and also to minimize asset wastage.
Integrated Planning Integrated Planning
Purchase and maintenance are major expenses and have an impact on the overall profitability of your business. Hence asset planning has to be done with great diligence and calls for an integrated approach. With PACT ERP’s accounting, inventory, and procurement management capabilities take informed decisions on asset acquisition, usage, and disposal.
Improve Profitability Improve Profitability
Evaluate performance periodically to improve profitability. Keep track of all expenses related to assets throughout their life cycle. Analyze them and take action to minimize the costs. Eliminate any occurrence of asset failure or loss through real-time tracking and routine maintenance. Reduce the man-hours involved in asset management through automation and increase productivity.
Centralized Control
Maximum Utilization
Integrated Planning
Improve Profitability

PACT RevenU Asset Management Module

Take control of your assets with PACT RevenU Asset Management software. Integrated with Accounting, Procurement and Inventory modules our asset management software offers you several advanced features to increase asset ROI. See what you get in PACT asset management module.

Asset Management

Key Features

Asset Master
Asset Cataloguing
Asset Capitalization
Asset life cycle management
Asset Monitoring and Maintenance
Auto / Manual Depreciation Posting
Reporting and Analytics
Asset Usage
Revaluation of Asset
Asset Insurance Tracking
Asset Allocation
Asset Tagging
RFID and Barcode Support
Integrated with Procurement & Finance
Integration with other Modules

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