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Proactive cash flows

Replace Manual and Outdated Budgeting Practices With a Smart Budget Management Software

Thorough planning and monitoring of business spending are critical to maintaining the financial health of your business. To save your precious time and get the numbers totally right it is important that you upgrade to a modern budget management software. PACT RevenU Budget Module, India’s best budget management software not only lets you create accurate budgets but also helps you track your expenses and enables quick alterations whenever required.

Budget Creation Budget Creation
Reliable and successful budgets are created with accurate data and precise calculations. PACT RevenU creates such dependable budgets by combining historic data stored in the software, forecasts made by its business intelligence tools, and the power of automation. Get yearly, quarterly and monthly budgets at your ready within a short span of time using our budget management software.
Timely Control Timely Control
Track all your expenses in real-time to achieve the financial goals defined in the budget plan. Get live updates about business spending on a shared platform and control the spending using approvals. Reduce the chances of fraud with this increased visibility to the cash flows. When external factors call for modifications in the budget, quickly adapt to the changes without losing your financial stability.
Performance Evaluation Performance Evaluation
Record each expense and compare the actual spend against the budgeted spend. Identify activities that cost you more and those which cost you lesser. Generate reports and visualize them on easy-to-understand dashboards. Explore the reasons for the difference in actual v/s budgeted expenses and take actions to improve.
Informed Decisions Informed Decisions
Say goodbye to guesswork, instead rely on real data. Extract historic data from your budgeting software, create forecasts and analyze the effectiveness of your previous budgets to make improved decisions for the future. Gather data from all departments, see the bigger picture and adopt an integrated approach to decision-making.
Budget Creation
Timely Control
Performance Evaluation
Informed Decisions

PACT RevenU Budget Management Module

Utilize the capabilities of PACT RevenU Budget Management Software to define your financial goals, convert them into actionable plans, continuously monitor progress, modify when necessary, and finally evaluate success.

Budget Management

Key Features

Define Multiple Budgets
Dimension / Cost Center Wise Budget Definition
Expense Tracking and Approvals
Income Tracking and Approvals
Actual v/s Budgeted Reporting
Document Level Budget Alerts and Notification
Quantitative and Value based Budget
Considers Non-financial documents
Integration with other Modules

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