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Know your inventory well, reduce the cost of operations and increase your profitability. Get the best inventory software in India to automate inventory management and transform it into your competitive advantage.

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Best Inventory Management Software

Become a Master of Your Inventory, Pool Just the Right Stock

What is the key to maintaining optimum levels of inventory? Knowing what to stock, when, and how much. Doesn’t that sound simple? Well yes, but not so simple in real life because your daily business profits are totally reliant on your inventory, especially for product-based businesses. Traditional inventory management techniques are time-taking and prone to errors. Hence it will only hinder your growth in a fast-paced global market. Automation of inventory management is the solution. How?

Inventory Visibility Inventory Visibility
Get a clear picture of your stock levels with real-time inventory updates on your screen, not just about the stock in hand but also about those in transit. Centrally track stock movements when your inventory is spread across multiple locations using a single dashboard. Now take decisions based on real and latest data.
Reduced Cost of Operations Reduced Cost of Operations
Stock just the right quantity. Excess stock increases inventory-holding expenses. Overstocking also leaves goods damaged or obsolete with the passage of time. Further, it ties up your working capital. On the other hand, understocking will lead to lost sales and hence lost profits. Know how much to stock, where, and when by using the best inventory management software.
Customer Happiness Customer Happiness
Always leave your customers happy by delivering them the products they want at the right time, and at the best prices. Instantly furnish them with detailed information about your products whenever requested. Forecast customer demands in advance to deliver orders on time. Handle product returns with clarity and ease.
Inventory Reports Inventory Reports
Not just view the inventory levels but gain inventory insights using PACT RevenU inventory management software’s inventory reports. Generate inventory aging reports, turnover reports, different types of inventory valuation reports, stock performance reports, forecasting reports, and more. Customize reports based on your requirements.
Inventory Visibility
Reduced Cost of Operations
Customer Happiness
Inventory Reports

PACT RevenU Inventory Module

See things beyond your physical stock. Learn how factors like time, space, labour, customer behavior, and market trends affect your inventory management capabilities. Utilize the capabilities of the best inventory management software in India and gain the expertise to increase profit by managing inventory effectively.

Best Inventory Management Software

Key Features

Multi-level Product Tree
Batch-wise / Serialized Stock Control
Booking / Reservation of Stocks
Customized Barcode
QR Code / Label Generation
Multi-location Inventory Control
Multiple Attributes for a Product
Multiple Stock Valuation Methods
Multiple Units of Measurement
Multiple Images for a Product
Product Query

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