Manufacturing Management Software

Manage the complex set of processes, capital-intensive machinery, huge inventory, time, and other resources at once using a powerful ERP software module for manufacturing management. At PACT, you get the simplest and best manufacturing management software in India.

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Manufacturing Management Software

Automation Enhances Productivity, Quality, and Profits

Remain competitive in a highly volatile market by leveraging the power of automation and integration of processes. Simplify and streamline complex manufacturing processes like production planning and scheduling. Monitor and control all activities in real time. Automate inventory planning and continuously evaluate your progress with advanced reporting.

Simplify Production Planning Simplify Production Planning
Replace traditional MRP techniques with automation. With integration and real-time information, gain better clarity over your inventory and execute material resource planning with utmost accuracy and speed. Prepare multi-level BOMs for greater precision on an easy-to-understand software interface.
Continuous Control Continuous Control
Constantly monitor each step in your production process using real-time information. As all activities follow predetermined workflows, each activity is recorded and saved on a shared platform increasing visibility. Generate work-in-progress reports and ensure the quality of products and efficiency in operations.
Calculate Production Costs Calculate Production Costs
Record each big and small input that goes into production. Save the costs associated with labour, machinery, raw materials, transportation, and other overhead costs to calculate the final product pricing. Never let anything go unnoticed and not valued.
Remain Agile Remain Agile
Agility is all about quickly adapting to the changing market demands without compromising quality and not hiking prices. To achieve this, gain complete visibility into all processes including your supply chain, and take control of it instantly. Make decisions based on real data and transform your decisions into actions using automation.
Simplify Production Planning
Continuous Control
Calculate Production Costs
Remain Agile

PACT RevenU Manufacturing Module

Maximize profits by streamlining your production process. Integrate manufacturing management with inventory management, procurement, warehousing, and GST accounting, and take control of your supply chain. Customize workflows and gain the flexibility to adapt to quick changes. Try PACT RevenU Manufacturing Software.

Manufacturing Management Software

Key Features

Multiple Level BOMs
Batch-wise Consumption Analysis
Shortfall Reports
Estimated v/s Actuals Analysis
Production Costing
Stage-wise Production Analysis
Requirement Analysis Based on BOM/Batch
Work-in-process Reporting

PACT ERP Software Solution

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