Procurement Management Software

Automate and optimize your procure-to-pay process with PACT RevenU, the leading purchase management software in Hyderabad, India. Tailored procurement workflows enhance transparency and boost productivity, meeting your business's unique needs.

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Procurement Management Software

Digitize the End-to-end Procurement Process for Guaranteed Procurement Savings

Traditionally, procurement/purchase management is a manual task that involves immense paper works, numerous phone calls, and serious delays. It is prone to errors and fraud causing your business enormous damage. Further, sometimes the fraud goes undetected for a long time. The best procurement software in India saves you from all such losses through automation. However small your business may be, invest in a top procurement management software and strengthen your business.

Process Standardization Process Standardization
With purchase management software, all procurement processes compulsorily and automatically follow the same steps – from RFQ to PO to order delivery and invoice payment. Get notified when each step is completed. This type of automation and standardization ensures that no step is missed and the whole process is completed without delay.
Better Control and Visibility Better Control and Visibility
View the real-time and complete information about each and every procurement request in a single place. Take control of procurement spending using approvals. With automation and continuous monitoring of the P-2-P process, the procurement software ensures internal compliance.
Vendor Management Vendor Management
Manage multiple vendors simultaneously with little effort. Record each transaction with the vendor to track vendor history and performance. Utilize this data to negotiate contracts and save more costs. Automate vendor communication to reduce errors and save time.
Customization Customization
Configure the procure-to-pay process flow and approval matrix specific to your business requirements and hierarchies. Sit with our functional experts to understand best practices in procurement, yet make customizations that are relevant to your business model.
Process Standardization
Better Control and Visibility
Vendor Management

PACT RevenU Procurement Module

Speed up procurement cycles, prevent fraud and gain complete visibility of your supply chain using the best purchase management software in India. Get the market’s best features on an easy-to-use interface and transform the way you manage purchases.

Procurement & Purchase Management

Key Features

Procure-to-Pay Automation
Vendor Management
Contract Management
Sourcing and RFx
Purchase Requisition and Approval workflow
Purchase Orders Management
Configurable Approval Matrix
Item, Service, Asset Procurement
Vendor Down Payment Management
Tax Charts
Purchase Quotation
Drop Shipping, Consignment Purchases
Vendor Portal
Work flow Automation
Integration with other Modules

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