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Take control of your resources effortlessly with PACT RevenU, India’s best project management software. Our advanced tool not only streamlines diverse project tasks but also ensures timely completion, effective communication, and enhanced profitability.

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Project Management Software

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Project management is a step-by-step process that involves detailed planning, timely execution, and close monitoring of ongoing tasks and resources involved. Frequent modifications are inherent in any project given the influence of several external factors. Quickly adapting to such changes without compromising the project objectives including delivery time and budget is quite a challenge to project managers. Best project management software helps you embrace such changes without altering your business goals through automation and integration of tasks.

Detailed Planning Detailed Planning
Well begun is half done. Plan each detail of your project well with an integrated approach. Consider time and budget restrictions and inventory and human resource availability beforehand. Define project goals and milestones and create a work breakdown structure to develop realistic project schedules. Manage multiple projects simultaneously from a centralized platform.
Clear Communication Clear Communication
Improve collaboration among the teams by establishing an uninterrupted flow of real-time information. Track the project progress and update it instantly on a shared platform to keep all the key stakeholders informed. Generate project progress reports and visualize those using easy-to-understand dashboards.
Financial Control Financial Control
Studies show that in global construction 9 in 10 construction projects encounter cost overruns. Take control of your expenses with ease and gain the flexibility to manage risk using the best ERP software for project management in India. Develop realistic budgets first and then monitor each expense with the added benefit of approvals.
Centralized Information Centralized Information
Record every big and small activity done in your project to ensure transparency and traceability. Digitally secure documents, bills, and photos in a safe and centralized platform. Retrieve information quickly and use them as a knowledge base for future analysis, learning, and improvements.
Detailed Planning
Clear Communication
Financial Control
Centralized Information

PACT RevenU Project Management Module

Successfully complete your projects within time and budget by using an integrated project management tool. PACT RevenU Project Management Software makes project management extremely easy by bringing together several productive features. It also integrates HR and Accounting functions to help you increase overall profitability.

Project Management Software

Key Features

Multiple Project Creation
Bill of Quantity (BOQ)
Project Costing
Project-wise Profit & Progress Report
Manpower Timesheet
Procurement & Material Issuance
Progressive Billing
Estimated v/s Actual Reports
Track Material, Manpower & Money used
Work Breakdown Structure

PACT ERP Software Solution

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Unify data across different systems with successful third party application integrations.

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