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Streamline your supply chain, finance & production cycle to make the best use of resources

Simplifying complexities

Stay ahead of the competition

Adopt best-in-class processes and technology to deliver quality goods on time whilst keeping your production costs under control.
Plan your resources efficiently
Minimize the costs by planning your inventory just precisely. Have a clear-cut picture of your inventory, machinery, and human resources to reduce delays or inefficiencies in the production process.
Transform your supply chain
Automate your entire supply chain right from the material sourcing to delivery of goods. Gain complete visibility into the entire process to prevent any bottlenecks and identify the opportunities to improve.
Quickly respond to customer demands
Changing customer demands & fluctuating material prices are creating rapid changes in the manufacturing landscape. PACT enables organizations to forecast demands, proactively plan for the future & most importantly be agile.

Simplify your manufacturing business

Bill of Materials
Production Planning
Procurement & Purchase
Inventory & Warehouse
Integrated with Accounts
Material Resource Planning
Order Management
Sales & Distribution
Quality Control
Powerful customization
Ongoing support
API integrations
Tax compliant
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