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PACT, your go-to real estate software in Saudi Arabia, can help you streamline all aspects of your business, from leasing and sales to accounting, maintenance, CRM, and facility management, regardless of whether you have one unit or a thousand buildings, residential or commercial.

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Best Real Estate Software in Saudi

Tailored Solutions for Diverse Property Needs

If you're in the real estate business in Saudi Arabia, you probably know how important it is to have tools that make managing your properties easy. That's where PACT's real estate software comes in. PACT is designed to meet the needs of any kind of real estate business, whether you deal with commercial or residential properties. With PACT, it's easy to manage your entire business.

Whether you're an owner or a broker, PACT has solutions that fit your specific needs. PACT simplifies your work, helps you organize your property collection, and makes your business operations run smoothly. You won't have to do everything manually anymore. Say goodbye to the old way of doing things and welcome a more efficient way to manage your real estate business with PACT.

Real Estate Finances
Streamline Real Estate Finances
Managing the finances of the real estate industry can be quite complex. There are tasks such as collecting monthly rent, handling post-dated checks (PDCs), managing maintenance expenses, dealing with government taxes, and more. Simplify and automate all these functions using a highly advanced real estate ERP software. Integrated VAT and e-invoicing simplify tax compliance.
Real Estate Contracts
Real Estate Contracts Lifecycle
Managing contracts from start to finish is key in real estate. PACT gives full visibility into agreement lifecycles. Users can easily identify those up for renewal or close to expiry to act ahead of time. Automatic reminders help ensure clients are notified as required. With PACT's end-to-end features, the contractual process receives the attention and organization it demands.
Property Maintenance
Effective Property Maintenance
Effective property management relies on open communication and prompt resolution of any resident requests. Automating the maintenance process through work order software streamlines tracking issues from assignment through completion. This approach avoids costly repairs down the road that can strain budgets and disrupt tenant satisfaction.
Streamline Real Estate Finances
Real Estate Contracts Lifecycle
Effective Property Maintenance

Real Estate Catalogue

Best Real Estate Software in Saudi

Feature Rich Modules

At PACT, we understand the complexities of managing real estate portfolios in Saudi Arabia. That's why we developed an intuitive all-in-one property management platform to simplify your workflow. Consolidate leasing, maintenance, accounting and more using our centralized dashboard accessible on any device.

No more juggling spreadsheets and chasing paperwork thanks to automated features like contract renewal reminders. Top brands rely on us to optimize their operations, retain tenants and boost revenue. Our seamless VAT accounting software ensure full compliance on your high-value transactions.

Whether you have multiple buildings or a single unit, we make property management easy. "PACT transformed my workflow," says one client. From request tracking to financials, we've got you covered. Focus on what matters most while we handle the hassle. If you're ready to streamline real estate operations in Saudi Arabia, it's time to get on board with PACT.

Unit Reservation
Multi Year Tenancy Contract
Lease and Sales Quotation
Multiple Units in a Single Tenancy Contract
Notification Alerts
Tenant Mobile Application
Supervisor and Technician Mobile Application
Short Term and Long Term Leasing
EID Integration for Tenant Master
History of contract, unit, tenant and property
Landlord portal
Tenant portal
Expiry Notification
Renewal Reminder
Property wise vacant report

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