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Juggling tasks, budgets and teams in construction projects can be tough. PACT's ERP system designed for construction and contractors integrates everything, keeping you focused on goals. With PACT's unified approach coordinating stakeholders and resources, you can overcome hurdles to complete projects on time and within budget.

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Trading & Distribution ERP

Improve Communication and Collaboration

In the fast-moving world of construction and contracting, having the right tools is a must to complete projects on time and budget. PACT's ERP software for the industry is designed to help streamline your project management process from start to finish.

Features like cost estimating, resource planning, live data analytics, and project scheduling give you what you need to work efficiently.

As the trusted ERP solution for many top Saudi Arabian companies, PACT makes communication and collaboration across the organization very easy.

Using PACT means clear communication every step of the way. Don't risk project delays or cost overruns with disorganized systems. Make PACT your new ERP partner for optimized management and successful outcomes on all your construction and contracting ventures.

Project Planning
Effective Project Planning
Begin journey towards business success by smart planning. Create comprehensive estimates of labor, inventory, time, and finances using historical data and business intelligence for precise projections. Establish key milestones and monitor project advancement by diligently documenting completed activities.
Seamless Integration
Seamless Integration
PACT integrates all departments seamlessly. The finance module manages budgets, expenses, and disburses payments as project milestones are achieved. Inventory and procurement modules handle inventory requirements, while the HR module keeps tabs on labor and human resources. All these functions are coordinated through a unified platform.
Effortless Project
Effortless Project Oversight
Effectively plan and manage multiple projects simultaneously from a central location. Stay updated on the real-time progress of all the projects. Share resources as required and make quick decisions with up-to-the-minute insights into each ongoing project. Maintain the overall profitability of your business through coordination and productivity.
Effective Project Planning
Seamless Integration
Effortless Project Oversight
Trading & Distribution ERP

Feature Rich Modules

Looking to streamline your construction and contracting business in Saudi Arabia? PACT ERP is the solution you've been looking for. With its robust features, you can efficiently manage project costs, create accurate estimates, and simplify procurement and billing processes.

Plus, you can easily handle HR, payroll, ESS, timesheets, overtime, and VAT accounting tasks. PACT ERP's agile approach allows you to optimize all aspects of your business, ensuring a seamless operation. And, with ZATCA compliance and e-invoicing capabilities, you can rest assured that your business is up-to-date with the latest regulations. Choose the top ERP system for your industry and start reaping the benefits today.

Project Cost Management / BOQ
Project Estimation / Bidding
Project Execution Cycle
Procurement & Project Billing
Materials Management
HR, Payroll, ESS, Timesheet, OT
Project Profitability Analysis
Integrated with Accounts

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