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Streamline your retail business in Saudi Arabia's competitive market with all-in-one POS and ERP software for your retail business. Whether you run a small retail store or a chain of hypermarkets, PACT covers your needs. Simplify operations, optimize inventory management, and boost your retail business.

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Retail & Ecommerce ERP

Elevating Retail Success

In today's retail industry, businesses need to provide exceptional customer experiences to remain competitive. In addition to offering high-quality products, customers expect fast and convenient checkouts, online shopping options, and unique shopping experiences.

PACT Revenu is the top ERP software for retail management in Saudi Arabia, designed to help businesses grow their customer base and profits. With advanced features such as inventory planning and customer engagement tools, PACT Revenu streamlines operations and enables businesses to connect effectively with their customers.

Contact us today to learn more about how PACT Revenu can help take your retail business to the next level. Whether you're a small retailer just starting out or a large chain store with multiple locations or thriving e-commerce store, PACT Revenu gives you the tools to continuously satisfy clients and boost sales. Ready to take your retail business to new heights?

Retail Strategy
Enhancing Retail Strategy
Have a precise understanding of your customers' preferences. Monitor real-time stock movements, extract insights from customer purchase records, and recognize patterns in customer needs. Predict seasonal requirements. Ensure you have the appropriate products in stock at the right moments.
Inventory Updates
Real-time Inventory Updates
Take control of procurement and warehouse management functions. Automatically update real-time inventory levels across multiple stores and warehouses to make rapid procurement decisions. Manage your vendors efficiently. Integrate and streamline all inventory activities to reduce operational costs.
Digital Transactions
Digital Transactions and Online Commerce
Enable faster in-store checkouts by integrating modern cashless payment techniques into your POS system. Open online stores and make them available for your customers 24/7. Facilitate and accelerate your business growth through easy omnichannel shopping.
Enhancing Retail Strategy
Real-time Inventory Updates
Digital Transactions and Online Commerce
Retail & Ecommerce ERP

Feature Rich Modules

In today's competitive retail environment, you need to deliver a top-notch shopping experience to keep customers loyal. By managing inventory smartly and getting to know your patrons, you can turn browsers into repeat buyers.

PACT Retail ERP gives you the tools to do just that. The all-in-one ERP solution for the retail industry seamlessly connects inventory control, point-of-sale, and customer profiling. Gain valuable insights that empower smarter buying and merchandising choices.

Deliver personalized service that leaves patrons feeling valued with each visit. Whether you are a small retail business, chain of retail outlets, or online store, PACT helps transform operations to exceed shoppers' expectations.

Discover how PACT can take your business to new heights by optimizing processes behind the scenes. It's time to give customers a reason to keep coming back!

POS / Shop Management
Dynamic Retail Pricing
Cash & Credit Management
Merchandising Management
Stock Analysis
Customer Loyalty
Integrated with PDI & Weighing Scale
Online Store
Back Office Integration
Van Sales

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