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The foundation of any organization is its workforce. Empower your workforce with seamless HR management through PACT RevenU, Saudi Arabia's top HR and Payroll software. Capitalize on automation and customization for your HR and payroll needs, and improve organizational efficiency.

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Best HR & Payroll Management Software

Overcome HR and Payroll challenges

The HR team operates on their most hectic schedules towards the end of each month and in the early days of the following month. Why? Because they're deep in the payroll processing. Once the payroll calculations are done, your HR team has little to no time left for other critical HR functions such as addressing employee concerns, fostering motivation among staff, assessing employee performance, or developing innovative HR strategies. This necessary but taxing commitment can hinder your organization's full potential.

The solution? You can overcome these challenges by adopting adaptable, and top-rated HR and payroll management software in Saudi Arabia. Embrace the change and empower your HR team to focus on what truly matters – creating a motivating and productive work environment where everyone thrives.

Automate Payroll Automate Payroll Processing
Payroll calculation can be complex, accounting for attendance, overtime, expenses, reimbursements, commissions, and deductions. Doing it manually can lead to errors and wasted time. With PACT, Saudi Arabia's top HR and Payroll software, you can automate and simplify these processes.
Empower Team Empower Your Team
Facilitate easy access to employee information with secure login credentials, keeping data up-to-date, and streamlining leave requests, vacations, time-offs, loans, and inquiries via the Employee Self-Service (ESS) app, saving time for HR and employees.
Data Centralization Data Centralization
Consolidate detailed information about your organization's employees into a single database. The systematic storage of documents and photos, removing the need to switch between various Excel sheets or desktop folders to access the data. Moreover, execute proactive tracking of document expirations.
HR Strategy Empower HR Strategy
Use PACT Payroll software's advanced employee reports to inform and improve your HR strategy. Identify patterns in employee behavior and take proactive steps to enhance human resource management. Get a complete view of employee performance over time to make informed decisions.
Automate Payroll Processing
Empower Your Team
Data Centralization
Empower HR Strategy

HR Management Catalogue

PACT RevenU HR & Payroll Module

Managing employee activities can become quite challenging, especially when they vary daily. However, with PACT HR and payroll management software, you can streamline your HR tasks and concentrate on what truly matters. PACT,the intelligent and adaptable system simplifies tasks ranging from employee onboarding to leave requests.

Say no to the complexities of handling diverse HR responsibilities and embrace a more straightforward and efficient workforce management approach. Explore the advanced capabilities of PACT RevenU today to modernize your HR tasks and gain control and visibility of your payroll processes

Best HR and Payroll Software

Key Features

Comprehensive Employee Master
Wages Protection System (WPS)
Leave / Vacation Management
Statutory Compliance
Loan Management
HR Forms
Appraisal Tracking
Income Tax (If Applicable)
End of Service Calculations
Earnings, Deductions, Leaves & Loans
Employee Self Service Mobile App (ESS)

Best HR and Payroll Software

We offer solutions across multiple devices. Manage your business anytime, anywhere.

Desktop / PC

Own an ERP System completely customized to meet your specific business requirements.

Browser / Web

Gain the flexibility to do your business from absolutely anywhere in the world, anytime!

Mobile / Tab / iPad

Get up-to-the-minute information at your fingertip, improve service quality.


Unify data across different systems with successful third party application integrations.

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