Best Property Management Software

Streamline your property leasing, sales, accounting, maintenance, CRM, facility management, and more with PACT, the leading property management software in Saudi Arabia. Be it 1 unit or 1000 of buildings, commercial or residential, we've got you covered. Available in Arabic Also

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Best Property Management Software

All-in-One Property Management Solution

Think about managing properties, tenants, maintenance, and finances. Huge task, right? Now picture PACT, the ultimate property management software in Saudi Arabia, brilliantly integrating these tasks. Whether your focus is on maintaining financial accounts, managing properties or tenants, PACT delivers. It's like having an expert team working silently in the background, optimizing your property management experience.

PACT isn't just a software; it's an engine boosting profitability and streamlining operations. Transform your property management with PACT. Welcome to property management the way it's meant to be.

VAT-Enabled Property VAT-Enabled Property Transaction Ease
Effortlessly manage high-volume transactions crucial to property management. Keep track of expenses with detailed categorization. Get automated reminders for upcoming rent deadlines and manage your Post-Dated Checks (PDCs) proficiently. Achieve compliance with accurate VAT accounting for diverse property types.
Contract Management Effortless Property Contract Management
Juggling multiple properties and tenants can be challenging. Say goodbye to misplaced contracts with PACT property management software. Seamlessly manage contracts from creation to termination, automating the process of renewals for easy management.
Centralized Information Centralized Property Information Hub
Keep detailed records about your properties, individual units, and renters in one unified, shared database. Easily upload key documents and images related to the property and tenants in one place for fast access and efficient resolution of client or tenant queries.
Property Maintenance Streamlined Property Maintenance
Organize property maintenance with PACT's easy-to-use property management app. Let your tenants submit maintenance requests without hassles. Allocate and monitor tasks through the app. Give your customers fast and spot-on responses to delight them.
VAT-Enabled Property Transaction Ease
Effortless Property Contract Management
Centralized Property Information Hub
Streamlined Property Maintenance

Property Management Catalogue

PACT RevenU Property Management Module

PACT brings you a wide range of tools built specifically for property managers in Saudi Arabia. It's the best software in the region and gives you just what you need to keep a close eye on, and improve your properties' performance, setting you up for business growth.

The software is easy to use, whether you're a beginner or an expert. You can take care of everything, from managing leases to maintenance, without a hitch. Automated reminders for rent due dates and Post-Dated Checks (PDCs) make your work smoother, freeing you up to provide excellent service to your tenants.

Be a step ahead in your industry with top-class tools trusted by leaders. With PACT, your property management business can really succeed. Don't wait—join PACT today, and feel the difference in managing your properties more efficiently and effectively.

Property Management Software

Key Features

For Both Commercial & Residential Properties
Multi Year Tenancy Contract
PDC Management
Multiple Units in a Single Tenancy Contract
Unit Reservation
Maintenance Management
Lease and Sales Quotation
Vacancy, Expiry Reports
Notification Alerts
Renewal Reminder
Property Wise Vacant Report
Expiry Notification
Supervisor and Technician Mobile Application
Property Management App
EID Integration for Tenant Master
Tenant Mobile App
Landlord Portal
Tenant Portal
Seamless Integration with Accounts
Short Term and Long Term Leasing
Multiple Cost Centers Mapping
History of contract, unit, tenant and property
Accounts Mapping
Property CRM
Calendar Activity
Property Sale and Resale
Property Maintenance
Property Leasing
Facilities Management

Best Property Management Software

We offer solutions across multiple devices. Manage your business anytime, anywhere.

Desktop / PC

Own an ERP System completely customized to meet your specific business requirements.

Browser / Web

Gain the flexibility to do your business from absolutely anywhere in the world, anytime!

Mobile / Tab / iPad

Get up-to-the-minute information at your fingertip, improve service quality.


Unify data across different systems with successful third party application integrations.

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