Retail Management Software

Want to grow your retail business and keep customers loyal to your business? Try PACT's ERP software for managing your retail business. It's great for small retail stores, supermarkets, hypermarkets, and other retail outlets and helps make things run smoothly and customers stay happy.

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Retail Management Software

Evolving Your Retail Operations

Retail has come a long way from the time of small, family-owned businesses. Now, we see large chains spanning across continents and people shopping from the comfort of their homes. Old-school billing and cash payments have made way for automatic invoices and digital transactions.

To match this fast-paced evolution, efficient systems like PACT RevenU come, that help businesses adapt to the fast-paced evolution of the retail industry. PACT RevenU is the top retail management software in Saudi Arabia, equipped with modern features. It helps businesses keep up with the pace and compete in this ever-evolving market.

Regardless of the size of your retail venture, whether a small start-up or an existing large-scale chain, PACT RevenU can simplify processes, boost productivity, and ultimately enhance your business performance. With inventory control, robust customer relationship management, on-the-spot reporting, and analytics, you'll gain the insights to make better decisions and stay ahead in the competitive retail landscape.

Retail Transactions Streamlined Retail Transactions
Get rid of long lines at checkout and make transactions faster with a handy POS system. Add barcode scanners, new ways to pay, and inventory records to your POS set up. Record product details and prices quickly, handle payments correctly, and let your customers pay and leave faster than ever.
Employee Management Effortless Employee Management
Make managing your team easier with PACT retail software. Set work schedules, track time, and handle time-off requests automatically. Keep an eye on how well workers are doing and work out their benefits. Encourage staff to be accountable with cash drawer checks.
Loyalty Programs Discounts and Loyalty Programs
Use POS software to set up discount deals and share them across all your stores. Collect and study data to analyze how good your promotional campaigns are. Identify successful strategies and plan smarter promotions. Additionally, implement loyalty programs to enhance customer retention
Inventory Insights Real-Time POS Inventory Insights
Get real-time updates of stock directly on your POS screen. Analyze point-of-sale data to gain insights into customer purchasing patterns and inventory performance. Strategically manage your inventory using this real-time data, ensuring you provide customers with precisely what they desire and drive revenue growth
Streamlined Retail Transactions
Effortless Employee Management
Discounts and Loyalty Programs
Real-Time POS Inventory Insights

PACT RevenU Retail Module

In today's fast-moving retail landscape, having the right tools is essential to stay competitive. That's where PACT comes in. We offer top user friendly retail management and POS software solutions tailored for Saudi businesses. Our solutions are the result of continuous learning and customer engagement, designed to tackle the real challenges faced in retail.

Choose PACT to streamline and automate your retail business today. With our expertise and experience, we provide you with the essential tools to outperform the competition and achieve limitless success

Best Retail Management Software

Key Features

Cash Drawer Reconciliation
Shift Close & Day Close
Touch Screen Support
Multiple Payment Modes
Splitting or Merging of Bills
Gift Coupon Management
Printer Routing
Loyalty Programs
Schemes, Discounts & Sales promotions
Barcode Scanners & Display Bars Support

Best Retail Management Software

We offer solutions across multiple devices. Manage your business anytime, anywhere.

Desktop / PC

Own an ERP System completely customized to meet your specific business requirements.

Browser / Web

Gain the flexibility to do your business from absolutely anywhere in the world, anytime!

Mobile / Tab / iPad

Get up-to-the-minute information at your fingertip, improve service quality.


Unify data across different systems with successful third party application integrations.

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