Best Sales Management Software

PACT understands the vital role that a strong sales force plays in shaping a successful business. That's why we've introduced a cutting-edge ERP software tailored specifically for managing your sales effectively in the Saudi Arabian market.

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Best Sales Management Software

Unlock Profitable Insights

Unlocking the path to business growth hinges on one critical aspect, the efficient management of sales. Enter the world of sales management software, a game-changer that simplifies the order-to-cash process, turbocharges sales cycles, and supercharges lead conversions, all with the ultimate goal of amplifying your revenue.

With PACT RevenU, you can identify bottlenecks and growth potential in your sales process, taking strategic actions to simplify your sales journey and elevate your business. Experience the power of PACT RevenU today – Saudi Arabia's best sales management software.

Improved Transparency Improved Transparency
Maintain meticulous records of each sales funnel stage, constantly track lead progress, and conduct regular reviews of sales activities with advanced reports for deeper insights into your sales process. Access sales data instantly and ensure seamless communication between departments through a shared database.
Order-to-Cash Process Customize Your Order-to-Cash Process
Customize the order-to-cash process to suit your business's unique needs. Ensure seamless information flow to other departments to enhance order management. Automate tasks like invoicing, billing, and collections for a smooth and profitable sales cycle.
Modern Sales Landscape Adapt to the Modern Sales Landscape
In today's dynamic business environment, sales thrive across multiple channels. Seamlessly integrate online stores into your sales strategy, enabling the unified management of traditional and digital orders. Access channel-specific reports for in-depth performance analysis.
Advanced reporting Effective Sales Forecasting
Accurate sales forecasting is pivotal for effective sales planning. Use historical data and leverage PACT's robust business intelligence tools, establishing it as Saudi Arabia's top sales management software. Transform the software's insights and data into valuable assets for evaluating and enhancing your sales team's performance.
Improved Transparency
Customize Your Order-to-Cash Process
Adapt to the Modern Sales Landscape
Effective Sales Forecasting

PACT RevenU Sales Module

Experience the transformational power of PACT in streamlining your order management processes for Saudi Arabia businesses. Beyond its standard features, PACT empowers you to craft tailored sales process workflows, offering a distinct competitive edge.

By establishing a resilient sales process, you can strategically pivot your efforts towards the acquisition of new customers, propelling your business to new heights and unlocking untapped revenue potential. Prepare to explore the exciting journey of business growth with PACT, where every order contributes to your success.

Best Sales Management Software

Key Features

Configurable Order-to-Cash Process
Configurable Approval Matrix
Unlimited Pricing, Tax (VAT) Charts
Schemes & Discount Configuration
Customer Credit Management
Drop Shipping, Consignment Sales
Configurable Collection & Discount Terms
Hold/ Reserve Concept

Best Sales Management Software

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