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Ever faced the struggle of finishing a construction or contracting projects within budget and deadlines? Managing tasks like real-time cost tracking, detailed project estimation, efficient resource allocation, streamlined procurement, accurate billing, and agile HR management can be a true challenge. Overcome these challenges with PACT, the best ERP for construction and contracting to ensure projects success.

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Construction & Contracting ERP

Efficient Communication, Enhanced Collaboration

In the fast-paced world of construction and contracting, businesses need the right tools and systems to meet project deadlines and budgets. PACT's construction and contracting ERP software is designed to help businesses manage their projects efficiently, from planning to execution. With features such as project management, project estimation, resource planning, and real-time data analytics, PACT's ERP software enables businesses to stay on top of their game and achieve project success.
Additionally, PACT is trusted by the top businesses in the UAE, making it the leading ERP solution for construction and contracting businesses in the region. By utilizing PACT's ERP software, businesses can improve communication and collaboration among project teams, ensuring successful project outcomes. Don't let poor project management derail your business goals; switch to PACT's construction and contracting ERP today.
Comprehensive Planning
Take the first step to business success by planning in detail. Prepare an estimate of the labor, inventory, time, and money required to complete the project. Use historic data and the capabilities of business intelligence tools to create accurate estimates. Create milestones and track the project's progress by recording each activity completed.
Integrate Departments
PACT construction and contracting ERP software integrates multiple departments. The finance module sets budgets, tracks expenses, and releases payments based on project progress; the inventory and procurement modules take care of inventory in demand; and the HR module tracks the labor and human resources involved. Coordinate all functions using a shared platform.
Multiple Projects
Centrally plan and manage multiple projects simultaneously. Stay informed about the progress of each project in real-time. Share resources on demand and make quick decisions by gaining real-time visibility into each project in progress. Maintain the overall profitability of the business.
Comprehensive Planning
Integrate Departments
Multiple Projects
Construction & Contracting ERP

Feature Rich Modules

Transform your construction and contracting business with the UAE's top ERP solution. Effectively manage project costs, create accurate project estimates, streamline procurement and project billing. Easily handle HR, payroll, ESS, timesheets, OT, VAT accounting, and more.
PACT ERP gives you the power to plan, track, control, and share information instantly. With an agile approach, you can streamline all construction and contracting processes, ensuring your business runs efficiently. Choose the best ERP for your industry and experience the benefits today.
Project Cost Management / BOQ
Project Estimation / Bidding
Project Execution Cycle
Procurement & Project Billing
Materials Management
HR, Payroll, ESS, Timesheet, OT
Project Profitability Analysis
Integrated with Accounts

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