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PACT Asset management software helps businesses track and maintain assets efficiently. It maximizes investments by ensuring that no asset goes underutilized due to poor management. With features like asset tracking, maintenance scheduling, and inventory management, this software streamlines operations and improves efficiency throughout the asset life cycle.

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Asset Management Software

Take control of your assets

Organizations that own multiple assets and use them across various locations often struggle to keep track of them. While larger assets like machinery are easily noticed, smaller assets such as laptops or phones assigned to employees can be overlooked. This can lead to damage, abandonment, and even theft, resulting in significant losses. With PACT, the best asset management software in UAE, you can take complete control of your assets. This powerful tool allows you to easily track and manage your assets, including maintenance schedules and inventory management. Don't let poor asset management impact your bottom line. Start using PACT today.

Centralized asset management
Efficiently manage all your assets, whether you have 10 or 1000, with PACT asset management software. Maintain a central database to securely store asset documents and track movements for increased visibility. Identify ghost assets and eliminate them to save costs. Streamline operations and improve efficiency with PACT RevenU.
Maximize asset utilization
Track asset performance & location from the start. Get real-time asset status to ensure availability and schedule proactive maintenance to reduce downtime, save costs, increase productivity, & extend the lifespan of assets. Optimize your operations with PACT’s asset management software & maximize your return on investment.
Enhance asset planning
Review the performance of each asset periodically to plan for asset procurement intelligently. Achieving this kind of capability is crucial for the profitability of your business as purchasing assets and maintaining them is a significant expense. Assist your financial team needs to budget for new assets.
Track expenses
From the point of entry to disposal, there are several costs involved with the assets. Be it transportation costs or repair and maintenance costs. Carefully track each of these expenses to calculate and analyze the total cost of ownership. Take action to improve your profitability.

PACT RevenU Asset Management Module

To manage asset records, track asset movements, and schedule asset maintenance, businesses need software programs with advanced features. PACT's asset management software simplifies asset management processes and increases productivity through its user-friendly and customizable design. With advanced features for tracking asset locations, monitoring maintenance schedules and costs, and generating reports, businesses can make better-informed decisions and reduce costs. By using PACT's asset management software, businesses can achieve better asset management outcomes, improve efficiency, and increase profitability.

Asset Management

Key Features

Asset Master
Disposal, Sales, and Transfer of Assets
Auto / Manual Depreciation Posting
Asset Usage
Revaluation of Asset
Asset Maintenance & Insurance
Asset Allocation
Asset Tagging
Configurable Depreciation Posting Concepts
Integrated with Procurement & Finance

Best Asset Management Software

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