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Accounting is a must-have for any business, especially in the UAE, where compliance is crucial. PACT, market leading accounting software, available on-premise and in the cloud, makes managing finances easy — from bookkeeping, billing, and invoicing to handling VAT and corporate tax, all while saving you up to 70% of time.

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Best Accounting Software

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Managing finances is a crucial aspect of running a business. However, traditional methods of bookkeeping can be time-consuming and prone to errors, making it a challenging task. This is where PACT, the best accounting software in the UAE, comes in. It automates all accounting functions from bookkeeping to generating advanced financial reports, making it a hassle-free solution for managing your finances. Additionally, PACT offers an easy-to-use accounting software interface and features for billing and e-invoicing. With PACT, you can easily manage corporate tax and stay in control of your finances. Say goodbye to manual bookkeeping and switch to PACT today.

Simple and Quick Accounting Simple and Quick Accounting
Bookkeeping is a basic accounting function but takes time. Bank reconciliation is complex and is highly prone to errors. Similarly, most accounting functions need the right knowledge and careful attention. Fortunately, PACT, the top accounting software solutions automate complex tasks and get the work done quickly.
Regulatory Compliance
Accounting in itself is a practice based on a set of strict rules. Organizations also have to follow several external regulations like VAT. Automating daily accounting compliance using accounting software not only saves you from fines and penalties but also helps you detect problems early.
Manage Cash Flows
As a business, it is not just payroll, procurement, and sales that result in cash flows. There are quite a lot of related expenses. It is important to record and track each cash flow without failure to analyze and then improve the cost of doing business.
Advanced Reporting
For modern businesses accounting is more than bookkeeping. Using the business intelligence tools of the accounting software, generate advanced reports, analyze the financial position of the company, and take timely actions.
Simple and Quick Accounting
Regulatory Compliance
Manage Cash Flows
Advanced Reporting

PACT RevenU Accounting Module

Managing accounting can be time-consuming and complex, especially for medium and large businesses. Fortunately, PACT RevenU ERP provides a cutting-edge accounting module that simplifies the process with advanced features. It's no wonder why PACT is the #1 accounting software in Dubai, recommended for small and large businesses alike. With PACT, businesses can speed up their finance department's work, achieve 100% accounting accuracy, and increase their profits. The software's user-friendly interface and powerful features make it the ideal choice for businesses across the UAE. So why wait? Get started with PACT today and experience the benefits of hassle-free accounting.

Best Accounting Software

Key Features

General Ledger Management
Advanced Financial Reporting
Financial Analysis (Ratio, Cash, Fund)
PDC Management
LC Management
Expense Management
Tax Management
Cheque Discounting Management
Compliance and Regulatory Reporting
Automated Entries
Manage Multiple Profit / Cost Center
Accrual & Prepayment Management
Recurring & Reversal Journals
Intercompany Accounting
Auto & Manual Bank Reconciliation
VAT Compliant
Mobile Accessibility
Cheque Printing
Integration with other Modules

Best VAT Accounting Software in UAE

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