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Empower your HR team with PACT, the leading HRMS and payroll software in Dubai, UAE. From hire to retire, PACT ensures seamless HR and payroll processes, offering scalability and efficiency from recruitment to retirement. The perfect HR and Payroll solution for UAE businesses.

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HR & Payroll Management Software

Free Yourself From Tedious HRM Tasks

Let's face it, payroll processing can take up a lot of your HR team's time, leaving little room for other important HR activities. With PACT RevenU, you can free up your HR team's schedule and take advantage of our advanced and customizable HR and payroll management software. Say goodbye to endless hours spent on payroll calculation and hello to more time for employee engagement and strategy development. Whether you need accurate payroll processing, performance analysis, or employee motivation tools, PACT RevenU has got you covered. Simplify your HR management and unlock more time for what really matters with PACT RevenU.

Automating Payroll
To calculate monthly payroll, you need to consider daily attendance, time-offs, overtime work, and sometimes expenses, reimbursements, and commissions. Further, there could be deductions based on loans and advances. Processing them manually is not only time-intensive but also highly prone to errors. Get PACT RevenU, the UAE's best HR and payroll software, to automate these tasks.
Employee Self-service
Give each employee access to all information related to their employment using a login ID and password. Keep employee information updated. Eliminate email communication to apply for leaves, vacations, time-offs, loans, or any other requests. Save the time of both the HR team and the employees by using the ESS app offered by the PACT.
Central Database
Record and store detailed information related to all employees in your organization in a single database. From documents to photos, save everything systematically. Free yourself from jumping from one Excel sheet to another and between folders on your desktop to find relevant information. Track employee document expirations and take proactive actions.
HR Reports
Get insights from the advanced employee reports generated by the PACT Payroll software. Identify patterns in employee behavior, if any, and take action to improve human resource management strategies. Further, get a 360-degree view of your employees and evaluate their performance over time to make quick and accurate decisions.
Automating Payroll
Employee Self-service
Central Database
HR Reports

HR Management Catalogue

PACT RevenU HR & Payroll Module

Managing employee activities can be a hassle, especially when they vary from day to day. With PACT RevenU, the best HR and payroll management software in the UAE, you can streamline your HR tasks and focus on what matters most. Our intelligent and customizable system makes it easy to handle everything from employee onboarding to leave requests. Say goodbye to the stress of managing diverse HR tasks and hello to a simpler, more efficient way of managing your workforce. Discover the advanced features of PACT RevenU today and take your HR management to the next level!

HR & Payroll Management Software

Key Features

Comprehensive Employee Master
Wages Protection System (WPS)
Leave / Vacation Management
Statutory Compliance
Loan Management
HR Forms
Appraisal Tracking
Income Tax (If Applicable)
End of Service Calculations
Earnings, Deductions, Leaves & Loans
Employee Self Service Mobile App (ESS)

Best HR and Payroll Software

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