Procurement Management Software

Optimize your procurement process with PACT, the best management software in UAE. PACT standardizes, streamlines, and automates every step of the procure-to-pay process, providing transparency and control while improving supplier relations and productivity. Experience the benefits of modern procurement management technology and enhance your business operations today.

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Procurement Management Software

Automating the procurement process to save costs and stay compliant

Streamline your procurement process with PACT, the top-rated procurement management software in UAE. PACT ensures timely and reliable procurement by implementing well-defined rules and approval mechanisms that prevent fraud and increase accountability. With PACT, you can customize a procure-to-pay workflow that matches your business, boosting productivity and transparency. Experience the benefits of modern procurement software and optimize your business operations today.

Speed up the process
With process standardization, all purchase requests undergo the same set of procedures. Get notified automatically, share information instantly and generate documents and reports quickly without errors. Further, customize the procure-to-pay process to meet your specific requirements.
PACT's Procurement management software enables you to track each step in the procurement cycle right from the purchase requisition until the issue of payment. All activities are electronically executed and recorded making it available for the supervision of authorized authority in real time.
Manage vendors
Send purchase requests to multiple vendors at once, receive, and store quotations. Compare and analyze multiple quotations on a single platform to make correct decisions. Track vendor history to evaluate vendor performance and negotiate prices and contracts.
While manual systems let employees bypass procurement policies without getting noticed, the procurement management software will not let any step deviate from the rules defined by the software. The approval matrix ensures compliance is maintained without fail.

PACT RevenU Procurement Module

Revolutionize your procurement process with PACT, the leading procurement management software in the UAE. PACT is designed to streamline and automate your procure-to-pay workflow, providing well-defined rules and approval mechanisms that ensure timely and reliable procurement. With PACT, you can customize your procurement process to match the unique needs of your business, increasing productivity and transparency. Our market-best and highly customizable features make PACT the best choice for businesses of all sizes. Discover the power of modern procurement management software and optimize your procurement operations with PACT.

Procurement & Purchase Management

Key Features

Configurable Procure-to-Pay Process
Configurable Approval Matrix
Vendor Management
Item, Service, Asset Procurement
Vendor Down Payment Management
Tax Charts for VAT
Purchase Quotation
Drop Shipping, Consignment Purchases
Generate Purchase Orders from Reports
Price Contracts

Best Procurement Management Software

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