#1 ERP Software for Large Businesses in UAE

Centrally manage high-volume transactions, human resources, and material assets with PACT RevenU Enterprise, the all-in-one ERP software solution for large businesses in the UAE. With financial, inventory, and HR management features, it streamlines operations and guides performance toward your goals. Gain a competitive edge with a scalable and customizable solution that adapts to your business needs.

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ERP for Large Businesses

A single-stop ERP solution to automate your complete business

Managing routine business operations for large businesses in the UAE can be challenging, with multiple hierarchies and departments causing delays and increased fraud risk. PACT RevenU Enterprise offers an all-in-one ERP software solution designed specifically for large businesses in the UAE. With features like financial management, inventory management, project management, human resources management, and customer relationship management, our ERP software digitizes every activity, streamlining processes, increasing visibility, and enhancing control. .

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Enterprise Integration

Enterprise-wide integration

Eliminate dependence on discrete systems to carry out specific functions. Use a single ERP that has highly advanced features for each department. Let the data flow seamlessly across departments and stay updated with real-time information.

Business Planning

Strategic business planning

Use the business intelligence tools of PACT ERP for large businesses in the UAE to process the high volume of data and generate advanced reports. Utilize the insights from reports to make well-informed enterprise-level decisions and properly execute them using the ERP.

Business Agility

Be more agile

Standardization of business processes and integration of information help the employees and management understand the processes better, analyze the performance of each department, and hence quickly identify the changes required.

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ERP for Large Businesses
ERP Software for Large Businesses in UAE

Large businesses often struggle to manage complex workflows with specialized systems for each department. This creates a huge challenge when it comes to integrating data and managing the organization as a whole. That's where PACT RevenU Enterprise comes in; it's an ERP software designed specifically for large enterprises in the UAE. With PACT, you can streamline your operations by integrating all of your data into one centralized system.
This makes it easier to manage finances, inventory, and customer relationships in a more efficient manner. Plus, with specialized functions for each department, you can ensure that everyone has the tools they need to succeed.

ERP API Integration

3rd Party Integrations

Integration with legacy systems is not at all a problem with PACT. Save time and energy spent on 3rd party application integrations and let the data seamlessly flow across the organization.


As a large organization, there could be some practices that give you a competitive advantage over your peers. While ERPs with standard process flows restrict such custom workflows, our development team makes customization possible for you. We develop new features and modify existing ones only to meet your special needs.

Flexible ERP In UAE
ERP For All Verticals

Solution for diverse industries

Corporations that have businesses along different industry verticals sometimes use different, industry-specific systems, rather than a common ERP. Having served the market for close to 25 years now, we have gained the expertise to automate the business processes of diverse industries. Unify your ERP used in all business verticals using PACT.

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PACT RevenU Enterprise


At PACT, we understand the challenges faced by large businesses in managing complex processes. Our modular ERP software is designed to streamline your business functions, automate your processes, and provide real-time information about your operations, employees, customers, and vendors. PACT RevenU Enterprise, the ERP software for large businesses in UAE, is tailored to your unique business needs, helping you to make informed decisions and improve your operations for long-term success.

PACT RevenU Enterprise, the ERP for large businesses, has all the required modules, enabling companies to manage their finances, inventory, works-in-progress, and other business functions seamlessly. PACT is being used by businesses to simplify their processes and drive efficiency. Businesses across the UAE and the Middle East are benefiting from PACT, regardless of their location or industry.

Financial Management Software Financial Accounting
Accounting Software Accounts Receivable & Payable
Budget Management Software Budget Management
Assets Management Software Asset Management
Purchase Management Software Procurement & Purchase
Sales Management Sales Management
Inventory Management System Inventory Management
Warehouse Management Software Warehouse Management
Retail Management Software Retail Management
Manufacturing Management Software Manufacturing Management
Project Management Software Project Management
Property Management Software Property Management
HR Payroll Software Payroll Management


Multilingual ERP Multilingual
Secure ERP System Tamper-proof Security
Configurable Dashboards Configurable Dashboards
Data Legacy Import Export Legacy Data Import/Export
Multi Company Multi-Company
VAT Compliant VAT Compliant
Customizable ERP Powerful Customization
Customer Support Local Customer Support
ERP on Mobile Mobile Access
Scalable ERP Highly Scalable
ERP Integration With API API

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