Best ERP Software for Medium Businesses

As a medium-sized business, staying competitive against larger players can be tough. PACT's user-friendly ERP software for medium businesses streamlines daily operations, increases productivity, and reduces costs. Customizable to meet your business-specific needs.

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ERP for Medium Businesses

Eliminate the bottlenecks in the growth process

If you are a medium-sized business, you might be facing the challenge of integrating processes, people, and data for growth. An ERP system can help by streamlining operations, improving communication, and providing valuable insights. PACT, the top ERP software for medium businesses in the UAE, offers a user-friendly interface and customizable features to fit your unique needs. With PACT, you can standardize processes, store and transfer information on a common platform, optimize resources to deliver superior customer service, and manage vendors profitably. Say goodbye to silos and hello to a streamlined business with PACT RevenU Standard.

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Standardize Business Process

Standardization of processes

Establishing standard workflows increases productivity and helps you deliver consistent service even during a high volume of transactions. Furthermore, it ensures zero errors and complete compliance.

Competition System

Coordination of operations

Mid-size businesses often handle a good volume of business with limited resources. When many tasks are to be done with limited resources, it leads to confusion. Effective communication achieved by ERP systems ensures that all tasks are completed on time and to perfection.

Business Visibility

Get key business insights

As a growing business, you really need to identify the key performance indicators early. Get highly advanced reports visualized on dashboards, analyze business performance, and take timely actions.

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ERP for Medium Businesses
ERP Software for Medium Businesses in UAE

Are you looking for powerful and customizable ERP software for your medium-sized business in the UAE? Look no further than the PACT RevenU Standard. Our easily configurable full-scale ERP system includes industry-leading workflows and features that can be tailored to meet your specific needs. With PACT, you can integrate all departments, standardize processes, and streamline daily business flows to increase productivity and drive growth. Don't let a lack of coordination slow down your business. Upgrade to PACT RevenU Standard and take control of your business processes today.

Business Scalibility


As your business grows, your labor force may increase, your supply chain could become deeper, and the credit and debit accounts you manage may become more complex. You will need add-on features to meet the new requirements. With PACT’s highly scalable ERP, you can easily add new features and modules to your business management system.

Flexible Plans

Keeping in mind the technical and financial limitations of medium-scale businesses, PACT lets you choose the mode of deployment between on-premise and cloud ERP systems. Apart from the standard cloud ERP products, we offer our customers web-based, yet customized, ERP products with flexible payment plans based on the customer’s requirements.

Flexible plans
ERP Training Support

Training & Support

To maintain the ERP for medium-sized businesses offered by PACT, you do not need to invest in a dedicated team. Our technical support team assists you throughout the process of software planning and implementation. You also receive continuous post-implementation technical support and training via online channels and site visits.

PACT RevenU Standard


Make your processes consistent across all departments, integrate the activities, and create a common platform for cross-department communication using UAE’s best ERP for medium-sized businesses. We have all functions covered, with an option to customize the features further.

Financial Management Software Financial Accounting
Accounting Software Accounts Receivable & Payable
Budget Management Software Budget Management
Assets Management Software Asset Management
Purchase Management Software Procurement & Purchase
Sales Management Sales Management
Inventory Management System Inventory Management
Warehouse Management Software Warehouse Management
Retail Management Software Retail Management
Manufacturing Management Software Manufacturing Management
Property Management Software Property Management
HR Payroll Software Payroll Management


Multilingual Multilingual
Multi-Company Multi-Company
Tamper-proof Security Tamper-proof Security
Configurable Dashboards Configurable Dashboards
VAT Compliant ERP VAT Compliant
Customer Support Local Customer Support
ERP on Mobile Mobile Access
Scalable ERP Highly Scalable
ERP Integration With API API

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